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June 27, 2014

Transport operators in South Hampshire are working in partnership to ensure that local people have a smoother ride with the introduction of the new Solent Go travelcard. 

Nine local transport operators are meeting today to publically sign a partnership agreement to launch Solent Go – the region’s ‘smart’ electronic travelcard which provides the freedom and flexibility to hop on and off most buses and, for the first time, ferries in the region, making travel in South Hampshire easier than ever before.  

The daily, weekly or monthly travelcard, launching in August and replacing the existing Solent Travelcard, will make leisure and commuter journeys easier and more enjoyable. It also means no longer needing to have the right cash to hand – making journeys quicker and smoother. With more drivers being converted to public transport as a result of the new card, the tedium of traffic jams will be reduced for all travellers and former drivers can forget the hassle and expense of parking. 

Using the smartcard can also help passengers budget for their travel by having a fixed cost of £8 per day, £30 per week and £100 per month for almost unlimited bus travel across the region. A selection of ferry tickets can also be added to the smartcard, which is a first for South Hampshire travellers. Ferry operators participating in the travelcard scheme include Red Funnel, Gosport Ferry, Hovertravel and Hythe Ferry.

Announcing the smart Solent Go travelcard, Thomas King, Solent Transport said:

“It’s great news for everyone in the South Hampshire region! We are confident that those who already use public transport will find their journeys quicker and easier and hope it will encourage those who have yet to try out the great public transport options in the area to give it a go. We’ve seen over £7 million of investment in bus service upgrades in recent years and it’s a much improved and sustainable option for commuters and visitors alike.

“Making the switch from cars to public transport with the new Solent Go travelcard benefits everyone – fewer vehicles on the road, lower emissions, and if people drive less then the region will be a nicer place for everyone to live and work.” 

South Hampshire Bus Operators' Association spokesperson Marc Reddy said: “There are nine bus operators and four ferry operators in South Hampshire participating in this partnership, and we know that needing to have the right fare to hand for each part of your journey can be frustrating. This new Solent Go travelcard will make travel much easier, whether you’re travelling to work or exploring at the weekend.”

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